Various EVP Captures

An evening of ghost story telling at the annual Rehoboth, Massachusetts Library fundraising event at the local cemetery "Burial Hill" on Halloween night provided a special surprise for us.  Lynn was one of 6 stations set up in an authentic old cemetery in town and each station told ghost/haunting stories.  Between 125-150 participated in the annual sold out event, traveling in groups of 20-25 carrying lanterns.  It was a cool and foggy night as you will hear.


This EVP was recorded in Warren Rhode Island cemetery with a class outing.  Lynn asked over and over again for a name and if anyone was there.  This recording ended up on the digital recorder AFTER it was turned off  "Didn't Want To Say It" is one possible interpretation of what spirit spoke that day.  It's quick, so listen close.


This recording was made in Ringe, New Hampshire bed and breakfast were Lynn was staying with her husband Brian.  They performed a marriage service that weekend.  Listen closely, the spirit whispers "I love you"...  (then another spirit says)  "who did you love? " or something close to those words.  What do you think?