Personal EVP recording

Lynn's EVP

This recording is the first one of two received on January 15, 2005.  Lynn had a miscarriage many years before.  Lynn's maiden name is "Perry" and her aunt "Rose", whom she cared for before she passed; Rose speaks her family name in order to identify herself in the beginning of this personal EVP.  We believe this indicates to Lynn the family is taking care of and watching over her baby spirit.  The background white noise is Lynn's hair dryer.  The following wording can be heard in the beginning "Perry" then later the words "I love you both", then a quiet segment and finally "Rose" says "b y e" and lastly Lynn talks about turning off the digital recorder.


Brian's EVP

After hearing her EVP, Lynn called her husband Brian at work.  He was very excited about the recording and asked to have the digital recorder be put on his side of the bed for a recording too.  For some unknown reason, he felt a message would be conveyed.

This is a longer EVP than the first one.  Brian has a child in spirit that was still born and we believe this is from her.  You will hear some clicks (sometimes this happens in EVP, its like opening a spirit door for communication) then girls laughing voice, then she says "Daddy... Daddy" then later a voice that is a little harder to discern "here... here..." , then says "here are here... we are here".