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Table Tipping
Table Tipping is the physical and spiritual phenomenon that occurs when people sit around a table placing their finger tips very lightly on its surface with the singular concentration to connect with spiritual energies for the purpose of inter dimensional communication. This type of table tipping is done not only by me, the participants also become part of the phenomena by sitting at one of our tables, or one brought by them. These sessions can be quite intense and memorable as the videos show below.
Physical Phenomena by "Table Tipping" for spirit contact in a group setting with everyone participating in the phenomena. There is a $25. charge per participant.  This class can be presented at your home with 8 - 10 friends.
These 3 videos were taken at my class at the First Spiritualist Church of Springfield.  Everyone had exciting experiences in communicating with Spirit.  My husband and I have presented this class throughout New England and the east coast.
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