Below are just a few testimonials I have received. 

Dear Lynn:   I cannot tell you how pleased I was with our visit.  I have always feared my husband didn't know just how much I cared for him, (as I always knew he loved me more)  But I did everything I could to keep him healthy and cared for especially the last 3 yrs.  You made me feel so comfortable during our sessions and so relieved when you said how he felt.  I had to laugh when you said he was dancing around...as we went dancing every week until he had to go in the wheelchair.  You are a very kind and wonderful person And I cannot wait to meet you again.  I think both Jody (my daughter who was with me that day) and I have recommended you to everyone we know. God bless you for the peace you gave to everyone B.M.

My name is CC and you gave me a reading last Saturday at LS house party. I am writing to validate some of the things you told me. The man who came through holding his throat was my great grandfather who, during a fight, was punched in the throat and suffered injuries which made his voice gruff and raspy. The old woman with the bun and mid length dress was my great grandmother. You said she had on thick black shoes. She had one leg shorter than the other and had to wear one shoe with a large black sole. My mom told me that she used to hold me and and rub my cheeks as I was the first great granddaughter. I didn't know any of this at the time of my reading. You also asked me if I had a relative who had died from the effects of alcoholism and I couldn't remember that at the time. He was relatively young for this to happen to. One last thing, you asked if I knew a man who kept coming through with an aqua colored 50's car with fins. My grandfather had one back then and I have pictures of him with it. Perhaps it was my grandfather!!! Thanks for such a wonderful reading. I wish I could have validated this at the time. CC (note: All readings are taped, in that way the sitter can reference the information given and understand the messages given)

I once was a disbeliever in the afterlife. But after a reading from you there is all kinds of proof for me. You described my husband to a "T". He passed about 2 years ago now and you provided information only he and I would know. Alice C.

Lynn came to me through a friend that had a reading. I was never so happy to hear about my son in spirit. She was able to describe actions and things that happen to him and how he acted when he was a little boy. I really miss him but with this reading I was able to get some comfort. Susan B.

This testimonial for Lynn is for all those who don't really know who to turn to. She is a honest, caring, and loving person. She can hear spirit and will provide proof positive that your loved one is still alive and watching and helping you. She is great. Jammie B.

I just wanted to say that I went to the church in Springfield Massachusetts and you were there as a guest medium and you gave me a quick reading. I had been to a couple of mediums before that day, but they never made any sense to me. They were bringing up people from long ago, but you hit it right on the mark. I had lost my husband 5 months ago and I was yearning for some kind of message from him, after reading so many books since his death. I tried some mediums like I said, but after those two minutes of reading, I walked out of there shaken and a little at peace because of what you said, everything was so true, thank you. I also hope you will come back to Springfield in the future. Although I yearn for more, at least I got a little message, again thank you. My heart aches for him but I know he is okay. Muriel

These are a few testimonials, however I believe the best commendation is when they refer their family and friends to me for a reading.  I feel grateful my gifts are being shared with those closes to my clients.  Thanks and I hope to hear from you too, soon!