Lynn's Award Winning "My Pathway to Spirit Communication"

Reverend Lynn Kent has released her book on origins of a future medium - to prove life continues beyond the death of the physical body and selected real life stores and interviews from her personal files as an Ordained Minister and Certified Spiritualist Medium.

Report by independent reviewer Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (10/11)

In “My Pathway to Spirit Communication,” Rev. Kent divides the book into three main parts. The first part discusses how she found her spiritual calling. While she covers her background, she mentions both good and bad things that have happened, such as divorce. I love that she maintains such a positive attitude about everything that has happened. I am sure that this helps her with her gift. In the second section, she dedicates twelve chapters of real life cases for whom she has done readings. In each of them, she gives a narration of the reading and then provides a follow up of how the person being read for was affected or what lesson was learned. In the third section, she gives a brief but concise outline on spiritualism. She also includes a declaration of principles and hints for having a good reading.

While “My Pathway to Spirit Communication” is not a long book it contains a great deal of information. I found it to be both interesting and educating. The case studies that were discussed will really help readers reaffirm that there is life after death. Knowing that loved ones who have passed on continue to have an opportunity to improve in the afterlife is also reassuring. It gives me hope that everyone that I have ever loved and lost will be found again when the time is right. “My Pathway to Spirit Communication” is highly recommended reading.