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Electronic Voice Phenomena ("EVP") is capturing Spirit voices on recording equipment.  It can be on digital or tape recorders and even cell phones or computer equipment.  Usually white noise is used for an energy source boost for the spirits to use for completing the audio transfer.

White Noise and Electronic Voice Phenomenon:

What is White Noise?

White noise is the background sound that helps spirit to create a voice in our physical world.  The human physical voice is between 100 and 3,400 Hz.  Spirit can still create EVP without white noise, but this extra energy makes clearer voices and helps spirit to communicate.

How is it produced?

Fans, air conditioners, running water, hair driers, (blow driers are great), vacuum cleaners, radio or TV turned to static.  There are also "white noise" professional machines on sale with Amazon.

How Does this happen?

Spirit uses the "white noise" energy and our own innate energies to communicate.   Do not forget that those on the side of spirit no longer have the physical means of voice to communicate.  So... they use the energies around them and our energy to form words as best they can.

Can any spirit come through?

Yes, that is why we set our guidelines when we start recording.  To receive only those we wish to contact otherwise you do not know who will come through.

Is prayer and meditation important?

Yes, this will help keep unwanted negative energies away and bring to you those you truly wish to communicate with.  For first time people, Lynn usually brings them on a meditation to help balance their energy and charka system.

How does time work in this type of recording?

Spirit does not live on the same time schedule as we do.  If you choose to experience this phenomenon, allow yourself at least 30 or so minutes a week or even every other week.  It will be worth it.  Keep your appointment once you have found a convenient day and time.

How long before I record something?

Some of you will be able to make contact very quickly and some will not.  Please give yourself time and have patience.  The results is really worth it.