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What is an ORB?

Technically it is a form of energy, most of the time it is round, hence the name ORB.  Hoever, Orbs may come in many shapes, sizes and colors.  They can move very quickly.  Because of this, the human eye is not always able to perceive them.  Orbs can direct and control their movements, hence a consciousness.  As Spiritualists we believe it is a form of spiritual energy.  After the death of the body, the consciousness reverts back to their most efficient form as an energy... ORB.  We believe ORBs are impressions of spirit in the earth environment.

Do all digital cameras capture pictures of ORBS?

No, Some digital cameras have ultraviolet filters built-in, either by their internal software or lens.  To test a digital camera, point a remote control (like the TV remote) at the camera lens and press any remote control command.  The blue/red light should show up in the digital camera viewer.  If blue/red light does not show up, the digital camera will have a hard time capturing most ORB emanations.

Is this type of photography the same as infrared photography?

No, very different.  Infrared takes a photo of energy produced by heat. 

What makes the ORB visible?

Essentially Orbs are perceived through their fluorescence.  It gets a little technical to understand.  An example is a fluorescent overhead light that are in almost every office.  An electrical current is introduced through the lighting blasé that excites the gas material inside to product light.

The light is processed in the Orb through ionization when electrons are propelled from one atomic shell to another.  In other words, this is when a molecule absorbs light energy at one level and then reemits light of a lower energy frequency - resulting in photons being generated and directed outwards towards the digital camera lens for recording.

Is the flash essential in ORB photography in daytime?

The orbs present themselves to the camera using the flash's energy protons.  Remember Orbs register not through the reflected light of the flash but from a light (energy) emerging from within the orb itself. It is best to use flash even in broad daylight.  It is the flash that sparks the florescence that makes them visible to the camera, however they can still gather energy in the environment to present themselves but this is more difficult.

What are some of the things that we should look out for when photographing Orbs?

Dust particles, stray objects, hair, rain drops, background lighting and camera flashback and lights in front of the camera close by or in the distance.  False spirit orbs respond to color enhancement when observed in the computer.  The more you photograph orbs, the more you will be able to distinguish fake orbs from real orbs.

Do Orbs appear in all pictures taken in quick succession?

No.  They make the choices.  As long as your camera is stable and taking photographs of the same area, you will see the orbs in many of them and the orbs will change their position and give their friends a chance too be "captured" too.


What do Orbs prove?

An existence beyond our physical reality.  It is no longer for mystics, visionaries or mediums, but for you too.  From the invisible world come waves of energy, such as TV, radio, microwaves, cell phones and many more things that cannot be seen or touched, yet exist.  Why not the Spirit Realms too?