Important Information

I will provide a free audio CD recording of all reading sessions.  In this way your attention can be heighten when not trying to remember what is said or writing down the information Spirit is giving.  Your friends and family can then benefit from hearing the session and contribute their recognition of spirit entities or interpretation of the material given.  Often a person or message will become clearer later on.  And of course the recording can used to look back on information prophesied. 

Reading time periods can vary depending upon the Spirits, the material covered and the importance of understanding the message(s) given.  For a personal sensitive emotional reading, if time is available, additional time can be allotted for comforting you as part of the session at no additional cost.

When 3 or more readings are scheduled consecutively at my home office in Seekonk Massachusetts, you will receive the "Party Pricing" for each 1/2 hour reading $65.00 or a discounted $95.00 for 1 hour.  

Contact with a specific person(s) is not guaranteed although many people I read are pleasantly surprised.  However, I do suggest you think about that special person(s) and make an appointment with them.  No Spirit claims to have an answer on the spur of the moment so it is highly suggested to meditate on questions you have in advance of your session.

To help with a connection when needed, have a picture (a group picture is okay) with you at the time of the reading, but do not tell me anything about the picture until I have asked or at the end of the reading.  If you desire, a piece of jewelry such as a ring, bracelet or watch or a favorite item can be used.

The true success of a reading is not always measured by prophecy but by the guidance it provides.  Predictions are always possible, but you have the free will and power to change coming events.  Nothing is written in stone!

We all live in a physical world and as such payment for services are necessary in order to carry on the services I provide.  I accept personal checks made out to "Linda Kent" cash and these credit cards.